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Last year nearly 1,300 volunteers contributed over 5,300 volunteer hours. For the last 31 years, volunteers have always been a critically important part of Rainbow Days. You are the cog in our wheel that keeps us rolling, the wind beneath our wings and the shoulder to lean on when times get tough. Whether you have volunteered one time or for multiple years your contributions have been impactful beyond words.

Thank You to all of our volunteers

When you volunteer with us you can :

  • Work directly with children, youth or parents

  • Assist with preparing for groups or special events

  • Share skills and develop new ones

  • Receive valuable experience

  • Make a difference in the lives of children!

Volunteer Quotes:

"Excellent opportunity for me. I enjoyed working with the other volunteers."

"Incredible. The staff is absolutely wonderful. It is exciting to be a part of this great team."

"RDI has a great volunteer program."

"I began with selfish intentions. After working with the kids they made me realize that they needed me. They needed someone to give them a warm smile and a loving hug. I am touched to know that they trust me."

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